While the name "replicars" is a generic term for "replica cars", this website is about the specific make of car named "Replicars".

These cars are 1931 Ford Model A replicas built in the late 1970's. They were originally called "Glassic" and changed names after a bankruptcy in the early 1970's.

Both Glassic and Replicars are now generally lumped together and all of them are called "Glassics". For complete information, click the Glassic Annex logo below.

Link to information about Replicars / Glassic cars
This website was created for those who may have found a "Replicar" and not be aware that the cars are now generally referred to as "Glassics" Hundreds of other pictures on the Glassic Annex website.


A 1981 Phaeton
car # 1472

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A 1981 Roadster
car # 1505




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